Vintage Apple Sign

Although Eliza hasn’t started preschool yet, we are definitely in back to school mode. Trying to get us all on earlier bedtime schedules, better lunch schedules, etc. I am excited to share the tutorial for my vintage apple sign that was in my back to school decor. I wanted to have a cute sign that I could easily transition into my fall decor and I think it turned out perfectly!
Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign
One of the hardest things for me is that I’m constantly finding inspiration everywhere and it’s hard to think of something that hasn’t been done before. {I love love this rustic sign from Ella Claire}I have an entire board of Fun Fall  ideas on Pinterest 
This apple sign was super easy to whip up:
1 1×6 cut at 24″
Foam brush 
Small detail paint brush

I first cut the point of the arrow by setting my saw to 45 degree angle

Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign
Then I made two cuts on the same side
Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign

The end of the arrow was a little trickier and I had to get out my jigsaw. I used a ruler to mark the center and the two angles to match and then cut away. I took this picture after I had already removed the wood clamp to hold the wood in place so make sure you have something to keep the board steady as you cut!

Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign
I free handed the “apples” in pencil first for spacing and then used my foam brush to paint it with a couple coats of Vanilla Frosting and then re-traced over in pencil the “apples” and painted it in with a detail paint brush in Devotion.
Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign
The free-hand is not perfect, but I think it just adds to the charm;)
Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign

I used my foam brush to apply the stain on the edges after the paint was dry

Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign

and then took my sander to the whole board until it looked how I wanted.

Carissa Miss: Vintage Apple Sign

It took only a couple hours from start to finish INCLUDING dry time. My favorite kind of project:)

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