valentine’s day printable

my hubby and i have a song. we have two songs. we didn’t really start out with having songs, they just kind of evolved as we dated, were engaged, and got married. in fact, i don’t think they really became our songs until last year. i love that we have songs. we can pretty much sing every word to both:)

how many of you have your own couple song? 

did you dance to it at your wedding? 

we fought over which song we wanted to have play for our first dance. {because he wanted a country song. bleh} it turns out, we actually got to dance to both our choices. but, neither of those songs are our songs now. funny how life evolves like that. do you want to know our songs? {i mean, that’s why you’re still reading this, right?}

our first song is by incubus. {think you could guess it?} doesn’t sound too romantic does it? well. it fits our story. listen to it here {sorry for the japanese subtitles…} they are one of our favorite bands so it’s no surprise our song is one of theirs.

our second song is by dave matthews. You&Me

and, because i have a hard time coming up with gifts that fit in our budget for valentine’s day…i made him this art print

featuring the chorus of our song. ****awe****romantic and free. and now free for you.

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