sewing for baby series: baby leggings and knot hat

i may have bought a couple hundred dollars worth of fabric last month…i am just too excited about all the sewing possibilities in getting ready for this baby! now though i’ve got to actually do it, right!! because there are so many projects i’m working on i decided i’d make it a whole series! this isn’t going to be a comprehensive tutorial series, but rather, a collection of the tutorials that i’ve found and used from some of my fave sewing gurus, and a couple of my own thrown in there too. so, tune in once a week for my sewing for baby series!
first up, these adorable baby leggings and knotted hats. i decided i need to give them to all my friends having babies, AND i’m definitely going to sew some for eliza too. {Don’t know how to sew? Take a FREE online class here!}

baby leggings and hat: Carissa Miss

 i used make it and love it’s easy 5 minute tutorial for the leggings. they seriously take 5 minutes. of course, ashley’s tutorials are AMAZING and easy to read and follow. she recommends getting a double needle when sewing with knits and although i didn’t use one for these leggings, i’m NOT sewing anymore without one. they just turn out so much better with the right tools. i am so grateful for my serger though:)

baby leggings and hat: Carissa Miss

 for the knotted hats, i used prudent baby’s top knot hat tutorial. this one was also pretty simple to whip up a couple at once too. in fact, i think i made four in one sitting? i love that you could make them from a re-purposed sweater or other knit.

baby leggings and hat: Carissa Miss

i’m finally making it to some of my “pins” on my to-sew board on pinterest! every time i sew something i remember how much i enjoy sewing and making cute things. i really should make more time to do it! can’t wait to show you the next sewing project!!

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