Retro Clock

i’m here again with another post from my diy handmade holiday🙂 this time, i’m attempting to re-create an expensive clock. kind of like you know the starburst mirrors that are so gorgeous, this could go really right, or really wrong.

This is my inspiration:

wouldn’t you know, it’s sold by kikkerland and retails for about $15. not too pricy for a fabulous retro clock, but i can do better. i found a similar looking clock at savers for only $3.99. here she is:

i really don’t have to go too far to get me to the inspiration photo. in fact, i could have just left it as is because kikkerland actually sellls a mint color!
but the great sis in law that i am, i wanted to perfect it. go big or go home i say.

 step 1 on your way to fabulousness: dissemble the clock. there were a couple screws on the back that held the face plate and glass in and after i found the smallest phillips head screwdriver i own, that the rest was easy.

 step 2. prime with thin coats.

i used olympic pure white in flat because i bought it to use on my kitchen table and i love it cause it’s practically odorless since it is very low VOC.

step 3 paint over your primer with metallic silver. it took me about 3 coats to get it as shiny as i wanted.

step 3 re-assemble and smile because it looks so nice. although it’s not as shiny as i was hoping, or expecting, i still think it looks a lot more retro-clean than the “before”.

okay, how am i doing on my handmade gifts check list:
paint a thrifted clock
build yourself an a-frame tent
whip up some dollar store hot pads

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