Little Boy Bow Ties

these have been my go-to gift for baby boy showers. i think they are too cute and simply irresistible. i have been making these simple burp cloths for years, and i’m pretty sure i made like 20 for when my little eliza was born. i love how adding a simple pattern makes something so boring so fun! the bow ties are a new addition after seeing them all over pinterest {and i was ready for something to add to the burp cloths.} i kind of made my own little pattern as i went, but marissa at raegunramblings has a really easy to follow tutorial and i loved kiki creates version. i used some of my scrap fabric to whip em up. i also used a little felt to make them extra sturdy. i also made a velcro neck band because i thought it would better for when he’s a toddler and learns how to rip it off. i think this would make it pretty hard to lose such a cute accessory. {Don’t know how to sew? Take a FREE online class here!}

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