Investing in Me Time: Couch to 5k

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Pretend for a minute you are the mother of 8 kids, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Your day consists of getting kids out the door to three different schools, volunteering at church, picking up kids from said schools, and then shuffling back and forth from various activities and finding time to plan and prepare dinner. She never gets PTO or a sick day. Sound familiar? {well, maybe not the 8 kids part…}I think that taking time for yourself is imperative in staying healthy and my favorite way is to take time to exercise. My “me time” consists of some spandex, the treadmill, and Gossip Girl…

Here are some tips for you {and my mom!} to help get you off the couch and running a 5K. You’ll feel better, look better, and save money by staying healthy.

Carissa Miss: Couch to 5k #HealthcareClinic  #shop #cbias

Tip #1: set your goals

Carissa Miss: Couch to 5k #HealthcareClinic  #shop #cbias

I like to set my goals based on verifiable data. Visit a nearby Healthcare Clinic and get assessed. Find out your weight, BMI, Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Levels, etc. For my mom, she can easily stop by the nearest Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Colorado Springs for a physical. You don’t have to make an appointment and your insurance covers preventive care! You can check the wait time BEFORE you even leave the house so you can get in and out quicker than you can say GET A PHYSICAL.

My current goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I measure that goal by how I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Once they are comfortable again, I know I’ve succeeded. I don’t assign a number on the scale to my success because success is different at different stages.

Tip #2: get the right shoes
Go get fitted. I don’t care if you love your worn-in tennies, or you don’t think you need $100 work-out shoes. You are worth it. Think of it as the initial investment you’re making in a new and healthy you. It will pay you back over and over. This is important because as you log mile after mile your body will have to compensate for ill-fitting shoes. Worst-case scenario you get a stress-fracture and can’t exercise again. I have high arches and thus need lots of cushion and support. I even wear orthopedics! But, as I log 100s of miles each year, I don’t have any knee or hip pain because my feet are properly supported.

Carissa Miss: Couch to 5k #HealthcareClinic  #shop #cbias

Carissa Miss: Couch to 5k #HealthcareClinic  #shop #cbias

Carissa Miss: Couch to 5k #HealthcareClinic  #shop #cbias

These are pics from a couple different races and I’m wearing my favorite shoes. Once I found the ones I love, I’ve stuck with them! In case you do pull a muscle or sprain an ankle, visit a nearby Healthcare Clinic and they can take care of your injuries in a jiffy.

Tip #3: the PLAN
You can easily google and download a couch to 5k training plan; {see some of my favorite workouts here.} But, this outline is so simple you can just customize it for what works for you. I have a treadmill at home, but you can do this outside in your neighborhood {grab your girl friends and chat while you walk!}, on the track, or in the gym.

RUN/WALK for 20 mins 3x per week
Take it slow. Maybe you can only go 30 seconds running and have to walk for 2 minutes. That’s OK! The important thing is you are up and doing it! Once you can run the entire 20 mins consistently 3 times per week, go to the next step. Don’t be discouraged if this takes a long time or if your running is very slow. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your body gets used to the consistent exercise. It’s important to do this at least 3x per week. You are building up your endurance and you will be stronger and the transition to the next step will be easier if you do.

RUN/WALK for 30 mins 3x per week
As soon as you are able to run for 30 mins without walking or stopping, wouldn’t you know, you’re running a 5k! BONUS: With Walgreens Balance Rewards, get 20 points for every mile you walk or run
and 20 points per daily weigh-in. You can also set goals and earn badges for healthy activity.

Tip #4: be flexible and reward yourself
Everyone goes at different paces and that’s why I love this plan. It’s simple and there isn’t a deadline. If you take a month to be able to run for 20 mins or 6 months, it doesn’t matter. My favorite thing is to reward myself when I’ve reached different milestones. Like, letting myself go to Nike and pick out a new workout jacket.

Another way I reward/challenge myself is to only watch my guilty pleasure shows on Netflix while I’m running. That way, when I’m wanting to know what comes next in Gossip Girl, I HAVE to do it while exercising. It’s amazing how much this works for me. I’ll even say, oh, just 10 more mins…so that means more miles logged!

I hope that you are motivated to invest in yourself. Now go out there and RUN!

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