IKEA Tarva Hack

The hardest part of room design for me is those last finishing touches. I’m pretty terrible at accessorizing. I think mainly because I don’t like to buy something unless I know EXACTLY where I’m going to put it. This is great because I’m not hoarding, but it’s hard to “shop my house” when finishing up a space because there’s not much there! HA. I really have been working hard on the kids’ rooms, so I ran into Gordman’s to check out their home decor. I am happy to say that I put some finishing touches to her room so I can FINALLY get some photos taken with her dresser styled.


Beautiful isn’t it?

I had a great time painting her dresser and picking the hardware. I mean, GORGEOUS, right?

{paint: custom color at Home Depot, DIY chalk recipeknobs, pulls}

Remember waaaay back when I hinted at what I was going to do for her dresser? Well, I wanted the look of an antique, but I didn’t want to worry about her opening the drawers and having them land on her toes. So I decided to buy an IKEA dresser and do my own hack. Well, as hacky as painting an unfinished dresser and replacing all the hardware can be. But, I digress.

I’ve been waiting to post pics because there was nothing on top of her dresser so it looked so boring. I wanted you to see the charm and how it made her room feel so girly. But, I haven’t finished putting art on the wall, or picked her bedding, or finished her bed. Oh, wait. We did finally finish her bed. Phew, you see why this is problematic? {you can see a sneak peek of the bed…those sheets are NOT staying}

{don’t you looove the mint color of her wall? Color is Sweet Pea by Olympic. Thanks Chelsea for the color inspiration!}

Well, thanks to Gordman’s I was at least able to get some styled photos of her dresser. Yahoo. For $25 I was able to put those finishing touches to her room and there you go.

 {frame, basket, and trinket box: c/o Gordman’s, lamp: DIY}

Here’s a coupon you can take with you

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