Heidi’s Table Transformation

I love everything about October. Not because of Halloween though. Mostly because of Columbus Day. It’s such a minor holiday that gets overlooked. Poor Columbus. {Cue the song, in Forteen Hundred Ninety Two, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue…} Okay, you got me. It’s only my favorite because my birthday is on Columbus Day! Thank you Federal Government for demanding we celebrate it every year by having no work and no school! Yay.

This month is going to be all about me. I know, right?! So narcissistic, but, it is my blog…haha. I mean, I’ll be sharing a lot about me and maybe a couple surprises for you! Get ready to know a lot more about me than you ever thought you wanted to know! {fist pump!}

I’ll be the big 28 this year so to start us off, 28 things about me:
1. I have lived in 5 different states {I live in Utah now}
2. I am the oldest of 8 kids!
3. Dance is my passion and I have a minor in World Dance
4. I am the biggest book nerd
5. I hate cleaning
6. I was engaged 3x {yikes}
7. Halloween is my least favorite holiday {I know! I’m trying to repent}
8. I have been to England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Canada, and Chile
9. I love traveling
10. My dream is to live on a huge property up in the mountains and have horses
11. I don’t know how to ride horses
12. My dad is a pilot so I grew up flying in a single prop engine plane all over the country
13. My parents grew up in Alaska so we go fishing at our cabin “on the Deshka” river
14. Chocolate and Diet Coke are my best friends
15. Oh, and running. I really like running.
16. I almost drowned river rafting and I will never go again
17. I love love love shopping, even grocery shopping
18. I’d rather vacation at the beach
19. I have 2 kids, but I want like 6!
20. Growing up I played the piano and took voice lessons, I even made it to our highest state vocal competition
21. I hate getting my hands dirty
22. You can find me jamming to Katy Perry and/or Dave Matthews. both favorites
23. Once I had short hair and I hated it so I’ve had the same hairstyle my whole life
24. My biggest pet peeve is passive aggressiveness
25. Followed by people who are offended easily
26. I wanted to be a lawyer
27. My favorite food is sushi and ice cream–though eating them now makes me sick:(
28. I’d rather be hot than cold

And because I know you don’t want to just hear about me, here’s another fun furniture transformation:

 I painted it with my Home Right Finish Max Pro in Country Chic’s Vanilla Frosting, roughed up the edges and gave it a polyurethane top coat.

 I think this is my first distressed project I’ve yet to do with the chalk-based paint! Just goes to show how versatile and transitional this paint is.

Those puke-pink chairs just weren’t doing it for me and I couldn’t wait to re-upholster them

Navy is definitely my go-to color right now and I knew it would look great it on these chairs in THIS print.

 Upholstering them was a cinch–we were able to bust them out in less than an hour! The 18-Volt ONE+ AirStrike 18GA Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler is the bom.dot.com. Seriously though, I love that I get a professional job done without the bulk of the air compressor. No, really. I upholstered 2 valences and these 4 chairs this weekend all on ONE battery charge. And my DIY Upholstered Bed? Yep. All on one battery charge too!

The best part? This little makeover cost about $20 for the fabric to recover the chairs.

Soooo doable. Please, don’t live with those less-than-stellar cushions anymore. For $5 a chair it is in EVERYONE’S budget. And just because I love that white on wood…

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