halloween printable

if you already read about my struggle on coming up with a suitable halloween printable than ignore me as i bring the rest of you up to speed. as you’ve probably noticed, i’ve been working really hard getting a lot of  DIY projects done this month. {plus taking on some custom furniture work? #whatwasithinking} i’m not really that big of a halloween kind of gal. but, i persevered. and guess what. i actually created TWO. ya. i announced yesterday that i’m a contributor over on happiness is homemade. my time on sugar bee is almost up *tear* and i’ve loved the opportunity to create monthly printables so i couldn’t NOT continue:)

to get you in the dark and fearsome mood, here’s the macbeth inspired printable for you!

on a completely separate note, this weekend is a super special one for me and other members of my church. and if you have some time you should tune in and hear the fabulous inspiration. you can bet i’ll be scribbling furiously in my journal to remember all the tidbits of wisdom. {i also plan to recreate my conference calendar for 2014, but it will be a whole years worth of awesomeness}

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