getting it done: entry way board and batten part 1 & a #giveaway

remember my new years resolutions? well, i’m sooo excited to say i have already crossed off two projects from my home to-do list!!! i’ve felt super motivated to start the year off with a bang {especially since i like to play so much in the summer, not be doing a bunch of projects…} so i am happy to report we have installed hardware on all 29 cabinet doors and 15 drawers on our main level!


that’s not what i’m going to talk about today. nope. we did something i am waaaay more excited about; we started our entry-way makeover! i have a grand idea of how i want it to look and function:

  • storage {i’m talking shoe storage, mittens and gloves, backpacks, school crap, etc. we don’t have mudroom space so i’m hoping the entry can some what function as a good drop-off zone}
  • coat hooks {for our visitors, both big and small}
  • pretty things {gallery wall, mirrors, random accessories}
  • rug {grabs your attention and cleans easily}
this space even has its own board on pinterest.

i looove the board and batten with the hooks and i just knew it had to go in my entry.
i did a mock-up in photoshop of the layout {to scale} and how i wanted the hooks to line up on my wall.
i even did a quick draw with a really-great-night-time-phone-picture to get an idea of the spacing.
the most important part of this project is all the prep work. i knew that if i spent the time measuring, measuring, and doing some more measuring, i would be much more happier with the result.
thankfully i had some awesome tutorials that gave me an idea of what would be going down:
i feel like i may be the last person to jump on the board and batten train. but, that’s just better luck for me cause i can learn from all their mistakes! 
yhl made a really easy to-do list for me to follow:
  • measure & gather materials
  • mark, level, and attach the top rails
  • nail and glue the battens
  • fill the wood holes and caulk the cracks
  • sand the holes we filled and prime all of the wood
  • paint the wood and the walls below the rail white
  • paint the walls above the rail your color of choice (doing this beforehand is even easier)

the process went a little like this for me based on what i summarized from all the tutes:
  • find and use the $.66/lf wood for the battens
  • prime all the boards and walls before installing
  • smooth textured walls don’t need the boards
  • add header first and make sure level
  • tape the battens to get accurate spacing. we spaced at 14″ {spacing doesn’t follow a rule, just what looks right to you. also, cut a scrap board to size and use as the spacer so you don’t have to re-measure every time}
  • level all the battens while nailing {with pneumatic nail gun of course}
  • paint walls and batten and rails {i’m not painting over the existing wall color…for now}
  • add your hooks 
p&g and home depot have partnered together as part of the #ReadyDoneClean campaign to make project prep {the most time consuming usually….} even simpler. this is good news for me because i tend to rush through so i can get to the fun part. making paint prep easier is music to my ears. 

armed with a swiffer, i dusted the heck out of my entry. did you know you can dust everything with those suckers? and i mean everything {nasty cobwebs, baseboards, ceilings, floors} thanks to the 360 degree swiveling head. they are also the best at getting my very dark laminate wood flooring dust free. plus, they are great for mopping too. but i digress…

i really didn’t want to have to re-paint my existing baseboards, so i matched the paint color for the wall and battens to the paint on my baseboards. {i took in the left over paint from the painters. they can color match from almost anything}. baseboards are notoriously difficult to clean and keep clean, which is why i’m glad i had my mr. clean magic eraser. done in a jiffy. did you also know they are the best for removing crayon, colored pencil, and pen from your walls or doors? and it doesn’t remove the paint. now, you can even get them in all different sizes. 

here is the space….

i’m in love with the hooks can you tell? here’s a little run down of the costs:

wood: $63.73
hooks: $4.77 ea {x7} $33.39
behr paint {1qt} and kilz primer{1qt}: $12.58 and $6.98
nails: $5.75 {these should last for many, many, many more projects}
nail gun: borrowed 
wood putty: already had
caulk and caulk gun: $1.58 and $2.47
total: 126.48

how did i do on my list?

  • storage {craigslist or garage sale this summer?}
  • coat hooks 
  • pretty things {there are a few, but i really want a gallery wall…}
  • rug  {this one works for now…}

now for the awesome giveaway! {enter the rafflecopter below}

plus….my bloggy friend amber is giving $25 to erin condren for a personalized planner or stationary. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{home depot and p&g contributed toward the project and it is because of readers like you that these projects are made possible. thanks for all the love.}

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