Fashion Friday: Swim Season

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! The pools open and I’m heading to Arizona next week! Time to pack my bags slather on the sunscreen because this gal does NOT get tan. As evident in these following pictures. My newest favorite swim look is the vintage high waist swimmer from Kingdom&State. 
Carissa Miss: Swim Season

Carissa Miss: Swim Season

Being confident in a swimsuit starts with loving your body. Loving your body comes with forgiving and accepting. Say this 10x. I am beautiful. I am imperfect and I love my body. If you don’t feel like you can say this, why? Are you focusing too much on those imperfections you think others see? Why does it matter what anyone else sees? Most of the time, they are too focused on worrying about their flaws that they don’t have time to think about yours! So I challenge you. Wear your swimsuit with pride. Embrace the stretch marks and baby pooch! Our bodies tell a story and yours is worth telling!

Carissa Miss: Swim Season

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