Family Photo Shoot: Angus Family

today is a good day. it’s my hubby’s 29th bday. he is such a fabulous friend and partner. we have been through a lot this year with him traveling, me being sick, and a 2 year old. it’s amazing how much we continue to learn from each other. just when i think i have him figured out, he does something to surprise me. to celebrate we left eliza with a babysitter for the weekend. the real fun is today we are going to a shooting range. i really wanted to get him a gun as a surprise, but i couldn’t NOT tell him. i’m actually pretty bad at keeping surprises because i just get so excited to tell. i found if i do the shopping early i have to wrap it right up and then the temptation to show is lessened because it’s wrapped up. my sis and i share the same problem. however, she’ll peek in a present for her but i liked to be surprised. 
this sis was here for thanksgiving and asked that I shoot a quick, up-close shot of her family for their christmas card. can you believe her daughter’s eyes? cutest redhead ever! 
we also shot a lot of pics, trying to get one with the two girls. trying being key!

which one is your fave? {picture, not girl…}

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