diy wall bookshelves

you better buckle in and get ready for some diy awesomeness. i told you i’ve been working on getting a bunch of projects done. i’m starting to realize that all the prep, planning, and picture taking actually takes MUCH more time and effort than the actual project! this is especially true for any woodworking. we spent a week in july adding board and batten to eliza’s room {update to come on this too!} i also wanted to add some built-in bookshelves to accommodate our growing collection. i have had this post pinned as inspiration forever and knew i wanted to incorporate them into our room design. 

diy wall bookshelves: Carissa Miss

to make your own it’s really simple! like i said, the trickiest part is measuring and designing them! the actual construction goes so quickly. i wanted to use the wall space behind my door to maximize storage space!

to do that, i took Aimee’s tutorial and modified it to fit my space. since i needed it to hide behind the door, i couldn’t have the shelf be wider than the width of the door stopper! that turned out to be a mere 3.5″. i liked the look of the taller back so i kept those measurements the same.  

the final measurements and cuts are as follows per shelf: each shelf is 27″ long x 3.5″ wide x 6.25″ tall
{1} 1×4 cut to 25.5″ for the bottom of the shelf {1.5″ shorter than the final measurement of the wall}
{1} 1×6 cut to 25.5″ for the back of the shelf
{2} 1×4 cut to 6.25″ for the sides of the shelf
{2} 48″ wood lath cut to 27″ for the front of the shelf {this is the total length of the shelf}
assembly is as simple as fitting all the pieces together and nailing!
i first nailed the 1×6 back to the 1×4 bottom {make sure the 1×6 is ON TOP otherwise you will be increasing the width of the shelf}
then i nailed the 1×6 sides and then the wood lath to the front. i think total assembly per shelf was about 1 minute with a nail gun?! i built a total of 4 shelves. 
i puttyed all the nail holes and then gave it a good sanding {especially the wood lath needed it!} i then did a quick caulking. 
to install on the wall we decided we wanted them to be about the height of the door so it turned out to be just over 10.5″ inches in between each shelf. 
it worked out perfectly that there were studs on each end of the shelf so i didn’t have to worry about anchoring the shelves into the wall with anything but my nail gun! a couple nails into the studs and those shelves aren’t going anywhere!
you could paint them before you install them to make it easier to reach all the little nooks and crannies {especially on that top shelf}. we were painting them along with the board and batten with the paint sprayer so i left them unpainted. 
diy wall bookshelves: Carissa Miss

my favorite part of the whole project? the total cost of wood for 4 shelves was a mere: $18.79 that’s less than $5 a shelf!!
1x4x13 $8.29 
1x6x8.5 $6.10
48″x27″x8 $4.40
here’s a further break-down
1×4 was $.63/lft
1×6 was $.72/lft
wood lath was $0.55/ea
i rate this project as a great beginning project and you can use them in ANY room in the house!

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