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i have a bro-in-law that is a pretty fabulous graphic design artist. i don’t know how much you know about designers, but they tend to have this little obsession with typography. {you know, fonts, writing, etc}. they are notoriously difficult to shop for since they know everything about the latest products and usually have expensive taste. well, my bro-in-law is no different. coming up with original and thoughtful ideas for gifts can be quite taxing {emotionally and financially!} this year, i had the brilliant idea to re-create some of the items he favorited and do them myself. i’m sure you have seen this lovely typography post before. if not, here it is:
monograms and ampersands are a particularly hot trend right now and you can grab these amazing prints for $99 each. ya, so not in my budget.  instead, how about you download my free version!!!

happy designing!
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  • ali says:

    Hello Carissa,

    Love the font letters. I tried to enter my email above but it wouldn’t allow me I would love access to the & sign it is gorgeous. How big could we print them? Seriously great job, they’re amazing.

    Alexandria xoxo

    • Alexandria, go ahead and enter your email in any of the forms on my site for the newsletter and you’ll have access to the printables! I haven’t tried to see how big they get, but at least 16×20! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  • Audrey says:

    How do I access these printable now that I have signed up for the newsletter? I still can’t seem to download them.

  • Judy says:

    Love love love the letters but I’m unable to leave an email address. Hope you can help! Thanks!

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