DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

****update: Stacy G. won the giveaway and has been emailed. congrats!***

you remember how i went on and on about this awesome activity advent we got? well, it’s been a lot harder to do something each day than i thought! so far we’ve:

  • read the legend of the candy cane. made candy cane ornaments.
  • wrote our missionaries christmas cards, well, i drew a couple pics and eliza scribbled over them.
  • wore our christmas socks and tried to take a pic of the three of us…eliza wouldn’t have it.
  • baked and decorated cookies. total side note: i bought the betty crocker sugar cookie pouch cause i had a coupon and let me tell you–there is a reason these cookies taste better made from scratch! they stuck to the pan and flattened out so the shapes were hardly recognizable. plus, they didn’t even taste that great! i hate that they take so long to make so i tried to take a short cut. obviously this was one of those times the road less traveled makes all the difference…

  • delivered said cookies to our neighbors. oh ya, another thing about those cookies–it didn’t make nearly enough!
  • decorated a gingerbread house. i learned a fab trick this year to use a glue gun to put the house together. i mean, who eats these anyway? too bad it was still a sad house:(

  • went to the grand america downtown, ate cookies, saw the cute window displays, ate some more cookies, ran around and played, ate a couple more cookies. they were f.r.e.e. i love cookies.

  • watched the classic rudolph the red nose reindeer. and ate popcorn.
  • decorated our christmas tree together-eliza got her own little tree and ornaments to decorate, but she still likes the big one better.
  • went to see santa
  • made snowflakes. well, i did at least.

if you follow me on instagram then you’ll have seen my updates. you will get to see all these cute photos and more:) don’t you worry, there are plenty more activities to come. that means more pictures! yay.

now to business. i’ve been furiously working down my handmade holidays gift list. here’s another idea i’ve seen on pinterest {like these ones or these ones} and i had to do my own. it’s pretty much self explanatory because it’s hello painted spoons. like you need to know how to make them… they are a perfect gift because #1 they are easy, #2 they are inexpensive, and #3 who doesn’t need more cooking spoons?

to break it down…

1) buy some wooden spoons. i found these at the dollar store.
2) pick out your paint. i chose martha stewart’s acrylic paint in pea shoot and a generic acrylic paint in coral.
3) tape off your spoons with painter’s tape where you want the paint to go

4) paint 4-5 very thin coats with a foam brush letting dry between coats.
5) after the last coat, rip that tape off so there’s not a big line {a well-known, tried-and-true painter’s tip}

6) apply a food safe shellac or if you’re like me and you never have that stuff around, use regular spray paint clear coat:) so you have to hand-wash these:)

7) wrap them all pretty and give them to your mom, sisters, and friends!

another project off the handmade gift list and one more on yours:) still to come:
paint a thrifted clock
build yourself an a-frame tent
whip up some dollar store hot pads

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