DIY Garden Boxes

Another DIY project coming at ya. This one was not difficult, but kind of time consuming and more expensive than we anticipated. I guess that’s why they say, live and learn.
Positively Splendid Raised Garden Bed Tutorial
who used THIS tutorial from The Pioneer Woman. I know pretty much nothing about gardening, but I do know blogging and DIY. If I followed exactly what Amy and Ree did, I knew I’d have success.
Carissa Miss: DIY Garden Boxes
Basically, you buy non-rotting, non-formaldehyde, food-safe wood and make a box. We did two 8×4 because that’s what fit the space AND that’s what Amy and Ree did. Like I said, we wanted to copy the masters. We choose redwood. Since we invested in nice wood, we did not want the wood to split so we pre-drilled pilot holes before screwing the box together with 2″ wood screws.
They went together pretty quickly with my Ryobi drill and impact driver
Carissa Miss: DIY Garden Boxes

Carissa Miss: DIY Garden Boxes

We then filled them with 1 cubic yard of compost and then a bizillion bags of potting/planting soil. Okay, exactly 4 each. Which, isn’t expensive if you get them at the Home Depot Memorial Day Sale of 10 for $10, but if you wait until it’s later in the season they are about $5 a bag. yikes. Mistake #1}

Carissa Miss: DIY Garden Boxes

I then planted 1 box with tomatoes and 1 with peppers. We are trying all varieties so I can see what they do in our soil so I’ll know exactly what to buy next year. {Mistake #2 is buying all starts late in the season when they’re $3-$4 ea instead of $1 or seeding which is even less!}

Carissa Miss: DIY Garden Boxes

Behind the boxes are some raspberries and in between them are beets and lettuce. Over by the hose are some snap peas I hope will climb my trellis. I will definitely be updating you on how the garden grows so if anyone’s interested in seeing my results, you’ll know!

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