DIY Floor Pillows

Right before the craziness of the holidays, I had the amazing opportunity to work on a super secret project! I worked with Sarah Jane’s newest fabric collection to show at Quilt Market. She had an amazing booth, featuring my floor pillows! Her fabric is some of my favorite and it’s so perfect for a girl’s room. Want to make some of your own?

These are HUGE! Think dog bed huge. They each measure 36″ across and take a heckuva lot of stuffing. And they are perfect for hangout on under a tent!


  • 2 yds main fabric
  • 1 yd contrasting side fabric
  • 1 yd for sew your own piping
  • 1 upholstery zipper {find these by the curtains at your fabric store}

1. Cut fabric
For a square pillow you will cut 2 pieces 36″x36″. For the round pillow cut 2 pieces 36″ circumference.

 Then cut your side strips. I took my yard of contrasting fabric and cut 4 strips of 9″x44″.

2. Cut and sew piping
Here’s a quick version of a how-to-make-piping;

3. Pin piping and sew one side

 you can pin piping to the front piece and sew it down and then pin the side piece and sew it, but I like to do them both in just one step.

 4. Add zipper and sew other side
After you’ve sewn one side, take your zipper and measure how long you want it to be. My zipper could go almost the whole circumference so I just sewed the zipper in and then sewed the rest, right sides together to close the pillow.

5. Stuff your pillows!


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