DIY Crib Bedding

My husband I budgeted to just use the same crib we used with Eliza for the nursery but then I went to put it together and decided there was no way. {It was the same one my mom used on multiple of my siblings!} It was a great money saver when we had Eliza and were finishing up graduate school, but we both decided it was time to upgrade to one of our own so it would last through all of our kids!

Needless to say, I wasn’t about to fork out another couple hundred dollars on crib bedding, so of course, I decided to make my own! I love everything about this iviebaby bedding EXCEPT the price tag. So, I decided to try to make my own. Using I made my own custom color palette for the bedroom textiles. The coral and white you already saw in my DIY lined curtains.

Carissa Miss: DIY Crib BeddingCarissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding
Carissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding
This was the first time I’ve sewn crib bedding so there were some hiccups along the way, but, I’m happy to note all of those missteps so you can sew your own! {Don’t know how to sew but want to know how? Take a FREE sewing class here}

I was inspired by Leanne at Elle Apparel and probably wouldn’t have known exactly where to start if it wasn’t for her awesome measurements post. I ended up doing it a little differently, but hey, you got to start somewhere!

Let’s start with the most difficult first! The custom bumpers.

2 1/3 yards for your MAIN fabric
4 1/2 yards of PIPING {fabric and uncovered if making your own}
1 1/8 yard fabric for the TIES
cotton bumpers {they sell pre-packaged bumpers for about $15 at Joann with a coupon; or, go to a second-hand kid store and pick some up for cheap and then wash them and recover!}

Step 1: cut the following

Carissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding

Cut four of each rectangle to cover the bumper pads from your MAIN FABRIC.

Step 2: sew your ties. I liked the look of having more ties than Leanne’s tutorial, but I followed the same steps she uses, just made a few more!

Step 3: make your piping. {skip this step if you bought pre-made piping or you don’t want any!}
I’m not going to lie but making custom piping really isn’t my favorite. Leanne made a fabulous tutorial for you to follow to make your own piping. I ended up using exactly 4 1/2 yds. Just a note, the piping is ONLY FOR THE TOP of the bumper pads.

Step 4: pin and sew together. I like to combine steps and pin the piping, ties, and right sides together so I only have to sew them together once. You’re welcome to break this step down and pin the piping and ties to one side of the bumper pad and sew and then sew right sides of the bumper pad together. {that’s how Leanne has it in her tutorial}.

Carissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding

Step 5: Turn right side out and cover bumper pad
then tie to your crib and you’ve got it! I really am happy with how these custom bumpers look in the space.

Carissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding

Here’s a quick cost break down:
main fabric: $22.45
ties and piping fabric: $5.06
uncovered piping: $2.36
bumper pads: already had!
TOTAL: $29.87

Carissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding

I think that’s an AWESOME STEAL! less than $30 bucks for your own custom bumpers!


Carissa Miss: DIY Crib Bedding

Cost breakdown:
Skirt fabric$14.95
White: $4.00
TOTAL: $18.95

That means I spent under $50 for my custom crib bedding. I guess I should include the cost for my crib sheet too…that was a whole whopping $5.00 for a pack of two plain white ones. I was going to splurge and make my own out of some fabulously soft minky fabric, {for another $20 keeping me well under the $300 for custom bedding!!!} but, I ran out of time. Funny how once the baby’s here you have so much less energy. Something about not sleeping very well…

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