DIY Clay Pots Craft Night

Ever feel like you are so have all these cool projects pinned on Pinterest but then never actually get around to making them? You’d think my house was pretty awesome based on all the cool projects I have pinned. I was up late one night thinking about SNAP and how much fun it was and how I could do all the stuff that I wanted to and I had an epiphany. Not anything inspirational or anything, but I thought, I love socializing and I love projects so I should combine them. This summer I have so much I want to do, but I want to hang out with my friends too. Thus, the Carissa Miss Craft Nights were born.

I knew I wanted our first craft night to be something from my boards that I love that may never happen.. These adorable Succulent Clay Planter Pots. They are pretty easy to make.

What you need:
Sculpey Clay {thanks Polyform Products for sending us the clay!}
Rollers, {we just used our kids’ plastic rolling pins, but I’d recommend using the acrylic rollers from Sculpey because the clay doesn’t come off the plastic very well.}
Stencils or other embossing tools {thanks Jo-ann’s for providing the artistic tools!}
Straw, for poking a hole in the bottom
Oven, set at 275 to bake 15 minutes for ever 1/4″ thickness of clay

I can’t believe how creative everyone was that came! Here’s some snapshots of the event: {Thanks to Aubrey for being the camera gal!}

 Of course no event is complete without treats and paper straws…

 I made sure to include a healthy option for those of us who don’t eat sweets. Surprisingly, the veggies were first to go!

Here I am explaining the steps as I hand out the clay.

 Everyone got right to creating.

 Alexi helped plan and organize this fabulous night, but she had to run out early due to a death in the family. She made this adorable little pot beforehand.

 It was great meeting new friends

And hanging out with old

For everyone who stayed for the whole night, I had a drawing for a DIY mini-spa night.

Latecia won some lotion, body wash, a loufa, body scrub, and a couple face masks.

The best part? Now I have some pots to put my herbs in!
Do you have projects that have been sitting on your to-do list for too long? Do you love craft nights?

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