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this post is part of a collaboration with blueprint social and david tutera casual elegance

can you believe we are already halfway through july? my summer is almost over!!! august never seems long enough and before you know it, school has started and it’s fall and the pools are closed and you’re back to being busy busy busy. i just want to lay down and take a nap thinking about it.

but…instead of napping i’ve been getting stuff done. i’m going to have a slew of diy projects for you in the next couple months. {about time, right?}

the tutorial i have for you today is probably one of the simplest of them all because it requires 3 steps. measure. cut. tie. 
yep. that’s it!

want to see what i’m talking about?

i’m using a new slideshow tutorial: check it out!

How to make a lace and burlap garland by carissamiss

just in case you aren’t able to view the slideshow, here’s the breakdown:

perfect for a senior photo shoot session. my sister was helpful enough to model using the beautiful diy garland background

using only david tutera casual elegance supplies; a package of lace ribbon, burlap ribbon, and twine. {go to this link to find more about the products} even though the casual elegance line from david tutera is marketed for bridal, there are so many other ways to use the product. exclusive only at Joann’s!

measure and cut lace in 6 yard increments. i cut and got about 3 lengths out of one package}

 repeat with the burlap ribbon and some muslin if you’d like

 use something like the back of the chair to secure in place while tying ribbon to the garland

 make a simple loop over the twine. the final length turns out to be 3 yards

 repeat with the burlap

alternate the muslin and lace and burlap ties in whichever order you like. {i did lace, burlap, muslin, burlap, muslin, lace.} i love the personal touch making something handmade adds

enjoy! i love the blend of rustic and modern charm the david tutera line offers. stripes, lace and other simple accents add an easy, sweet vintage spirit. follow #dtcasualelegance on 

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part of why i love blogging is getting the fabulous opportunity to work with brands like david tutera and great networks like blueprint social. this type of collaboration allows me to keep creating and designing!

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