Crochet Infinity Scarf Tutorial

i’ve been craving cookies lately. a lot of cookies. like i want to eat them at all times of the day!!! and then when i make some, i proceed to stuffmyfacewithatleastthreeinonesitting. i don’t know what’s going on. i’m supposed to be dieting. and noimnotpreggersunfortunatelyidonthavethatexcuse. it’s like i tell myself it’s ok cause i ran five miles today {sometimes i forget i’m not on instagram where reading hashtags are totally appropriate and funny} but i hope you’ll forgive me. 

i’m in a major design funk. i want to just get my curtains problem resolved! i don’t know why i have such commitment issues. i realized the extent of my issues when i was at my friend’s house, whose is all cutesy and decorated, and i realized i only have one, one, picture hanging in our house. guys, my issues are substantial. it’s somehow easy to find and tell someone else what to do in a space, but i balk at my own! does any one know what i’m talking bout? i think i’m in a funk and i need your help.

ok, so here’s the dl {aka the “down low” or the “low down” or imabouttotellyouallmyproblems.} i have a big sliding door and two windows that i want matching curtains. they need to be at least 106″ {i have crazy high ceilings ok and that doesn’t even come to the ceiling} i need 4 panels at least 54″ wide and then i thought i could do a roman shade or something on the second window. i have this super cute rug in my kitchen from UO:

that i want to match all my curtains to. if you saw in my last post on my table, you can see the curtain dilemma in full exposure 
see how they mismatch? well, i tried painting curtains, since it’s so totally on trend right now, and i have to say i am sooo not on that bandwagon. i don’t like how splotchy they look {probably cause so much light shines through}. i want the look of full curtains, but finding a fabric to match the color is proving to be very difficult. {esp without breaking the bank}. this is where you come in…um, help? what would you do?
i told you i’d be back with an adult version and after how much you guys liked the toddler version i can’t wait for you to make them for yourself! or for your best friends. or a mommy and daughter matching set. awe.
Carissa Miss: Crochet a Toddler Infinity Scarf

now, on to something i know you’ve been waiting for…
Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Lion Brand Yarn in Tampa Spice.{2 skeins} super bulky weight 6. 
Crochet Hook N size 9mm

chain 40 and join in a round with a slip stitch {make sure to keep from twisting}
chain 2, double crochet into next chain. double crochet 38 more times. {40 double crochet total, including chain 2} slip stitch into chain 2. when you run out of your first skein, tie the second in. watch an example here}
repeat 11 times for 12 rows. {or add a row or two depending on how chunky you want it} 
knot and weave in ends. 
feel free to ask me for any clarifications! Take a online crochet class here
Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

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UPDATE: I have had lots of questions on the gauge of this scarf. It should measure about 15″x15″ and fit over your head once. For more crochet help, take an online class here!


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