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that is probably a weird way to start off this post, but, sometimes i’m not as creative as others. this is probably going to be one of those not so creative posts {thus the title}, but hey, at least you see what you get:)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

one of the perks of having this blog is trying new or different products. because i’m a SAHM i usually gravitate towards products that will help make my job easier {aka cleaning, cleaning, you know, cleaning}. i’ve kind of hit you all with a bunch of cleaning products lately and i apologize because i know spring is the month of cleaning. really? i don’t clean any less during spring than any other time of the year…but maybe that’s just me.

ok, on to the relevancy of cleaning and this post. cascade. i’ve lived in quite a few houses since graduating college and getting married {6 to be exact} and thankfully they’ve all had dishwashers. some of them have been nicer than others…but one thing i’ve learned over the years and houses is that the secret is in the sauce soap. most of the homes had hard water {a lucky 2 had water softeners, yay} that’s really all i need to say and all you with hard water know EXACTLY what that means. no matter how well your dishwasher cleans, it leaves cloudy dishes. yuck.

lest i sound like a commercial, cascade is the number one most recommended brand in north america. {ok, that was very commercial like} but with good reason!

  • less pre-washing
  • dual action with dawn soap
  • prevents hard water build up
  • delivers sensational shine! 
{don’t believe me? let’s ask the dishes…haha mine certainly sing and dance on their way from the sink to the dishwasher and afterwards to the cupboard}

i’m going to come right out and say that i totally recommending spending the money for name brand on this. i love being able to put truly dirty dishes in and have them come out squeaky clean. i do a lot of dishes and this is a huge time saver. buying in bulk saves $$ and it’s another chore i don’t have to worry about.

ok, now to the fun stuff. how many of you like instagram? uh, duh. i like post something everyday at least. sometimes i even include what we are eating. see exhibits below:
 chicken and artichoke pasta

 a donut
 coconut key lime pie
sweet potato fries
why? well, i do post food on here occasionally, and also, i like food so i like taking pics of it. the food guru, gail simmons {top chef judge and food guru!}, recommends cascade platinum for an easy gourmet presentation. clean dishes really do make a huge difference in food photography. you don’t want to have to clean your “clean” dishes before putting food on them. waste. of. time. and. time. is. money.
well cascade is partnering with gail simmons to offer an instagram contest. {if you’re not already on instagram, DO IT NOW}. each week is a different theme and a chance to enter to win a years worth of cascade {yay} AND a kitchen aid {double yay}. now go forth and clean. boom.

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