Beginner’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

This post brought to you by Light Touch Medical. All opinions are my own.

As I casually mentioned in my Health Challenge post, our family is going to Hawaii this summer. One thing I love about my in-laws, is that no vacation is ever done half-way. We’ve traveled all over and done some very fun and relaxing things. As I mentioned, we’re planning to get #beachbody ready and besides all that drinking water, exercise, and eating healthy, I’m taking it ONE STEP FURTHER. I’m getting laser hair removal. I’m going to get pretty up close and personal in sharing my experience so that any of you who have thought about it will have a good idea of what to expect. Here are some things I heard about laser hair removal that I want to clear up for you all.

Laser clinics ARE NOT created equal.
There are several types of lasers. There are different wavelengths of laser energy, and facilities often have several types of machines. Getting the best treatment means the best results. The lasers at Light Touch have been evaluated by peer-reviewed medical journals and have received the highest ratings of effectiveness. They target hair at the root, destroying the follicle completely. The lasers have a large spot area, ensuring that treatments can be done efficiently and quickly.

Say Hi to Gwen!

At-home treatments DO NOT give the same results as in-office ones.
For our 3rd anniversary, my husband bought me a Tria Laser since we were too poor to afford in-clinic hair removal. Since I’m getting laser hair removal at Light Touch that kind of tells you how effectively that at home treatment worked for me!

No more ingrown hairs!
Shaving my *ahem* bikini area is always a double-edged sword. Ingrown hairs hurt and don’t look so great. After only ONE TREATMENT the hair is significantly reduced enough to reduce inflammation after shaving almost entirely! By eliminating the hair, you eliminate in-growns.

It Hurts
Yes. Yes it does. At Light Touch they use A patented cooling device on the laser delivers consistent cooling to your skin and gives you a more comfortable treatment, often eliminating the need for a topical anesthetic. You can see from this before and after that it isn’t gentle! However, the pain doesn’t last and for me, no pain, no gain:)

I can’t wait to show you complete before and after shots.linking to these fun parties!

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