5 reasons you should start a blog and why I love SNAP Conference

Carissa Miss: 5 reasons to start a blog

1. Blogging is all about networking:
I love meeting companies and brands. I love learning about awesome products and services that I can share with my readers. Most companies I work with really care about the consumer. That’s why they work with bloggers. They WANT feedback and want to offer the best possible user experience.  
Like, Home Right. I met them last year and SNAP and it literally changed my DIY life. Now I’m spray painting all the things with my Finish Max Pro! They have an amazing blogger community, check it out HERE.
They had their Heat Gun in their sponsor booth for me to try out on the spot!

This year, the life changer was Feedblitz. Right after an awesome presentation they literally got my email subscription set up and going. All for a free trial. That is customer service for you! Knowing that I can call up Heather whenever I have a problem and she’ll either tackle it for me or walk me through it makes me a loyal customer.

2. Make amazing friendships with people all over:

Since I’m super social, this is probably the most rewarding part. Meet Elisha and Brandy, 2 gals I met in the virtual world and we started collaborating and then we met in real life and we are literally besties right away.

 Meet Sandy, Chelsey, Jacque, Jen and Sarah, beautiful ladies inside and out who share the best tips on fashion, makeup and motherhood. I met some at a blogging event and others via Instagram and we are all local! We wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for social media.

3. Amazing Parties:
SNAP is basically one big party and the sponsors really pull out all the stops. There are local parties, craft nights, retreats, etc all for bloggers. It’s a great way to learn new things, make new friends, and dance of course!

Joann Garden Party

 Sizzix Beach Party

4. Learn new skills
I haven’t ever tiled before, but at SNAP I was able to use the Ryobi wet saw to cut straight and angled cuts on multiple surfaces. We also learned all the ins and outs of preparing your surface, what thinset to use, and the right way to grout. Now I can bust out my bathrooms no sweat!

5. Make incredible memories
As a crafter/maker/doer, I love to create. Since starting my blog almost 3 years ago, I’ve had so many opportunities to push myself in so many ways and had some amazing experiences. I treasure the moments and memories I’ve had along the way. Thank you all my loyal readers who follow me and support me as I document my way through life!


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