25 {or more} Paper Doll Printables

we are paper.dolls.obsessed.
and by we, i really mean, i am obsessed.
i have so many good memories of cutting carefully and spending hours pretending with my sisters.
although eliza is only two and a half, we still play them together.
the trick is laminating them, first, to make them durable for her busy, not-as-careful, hands.
 i end up using paper dolls as a pull out when there i’m about to go crazy and need something to keep her occupied. but, they also work really well at church. so…any of you have daughters that love to play with dolls? if they do and you haven’t tried paper dolls, DO IT. just to save you the trouble of looking {and hours of perusing} i’ve done a round up of some of the dolls we’ve discovered around the web. there is a definite favoritism towards disney. hey. don’t judge.

first i can’t wait to show you these custom dolls from digknity custom paper dolls.

{you might have seen this post where i talked about the dolls i got for eliza? she just loves belle and rapunzel and minnie mouse, so heidi made a little doll that looks like eliza with her favorite princess dresses.
well, here she is all “dolled” up! when i received them in the mail, the sharpie scent was still fresh. this girl has some amazing talent! i mean, to be able to hand draw that? i’m in luuuve. go check out her etsy store and get some for your girls!

 pinterest {source?}

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