How to sew a Queen Elsa of FROZEN dress

I'm just going to cut to the chase. Are you ready to win BEST MOM AWARD? I've been humming or singing "Let it Go" and "Summer" ever since the FROZEN movie came out last fall. With the new DVD release, we are even more excited to watch it about 12095203857 times each day. Now, your daughter can watch the movie while WEARING the Elsa dress. 
Eliza was begging me to buy her the real Elsa dress at the Disney store, but, I told her she either had to earn her pennies doing chores or wait until I sewed her one of her own. You can guess which she chose! And the fact that she is thrilled about her new dress is an understatement. I mean, she asked me to take pictures of her modeling her new dress.
Usually, bribes of all types are used to get her to even stay still long enough for me to snap a pic. Oh no. This time she was singing "Let it Go" at the top of her lungs and I had a hard time getting a picture with her mouth not wide open. hah.
Ready to win Best Mom Award too? Get prepared for Halloween suuuper early. Yay for no procrastinating!


What you need: {all measurements for 4T; finished measurements of 32" from neck to hem and 24" chest. For larger sizes, add a 1/4 yd to each fabric measurement. Ruffle, interfacing and trim remains the same up to about a M or L girls size and then I would add 1/4 yard to be safe}

Fabric for dress: 3 yds {I used Moda Bella Solid in Aqua}
Fabric for sleeves and overskirt: 2 5/8 yds {I used organza, but really any fabric would work}
Fabric for lining/slip: 2 3/4 yds {I used extra from a previous project, but my favorite is a simple white flat sheet!}
Slip Ruffle: 1 3/8 yd of 54" netting
Interfacing: 1/2 yd of lightweight fusible
Trim for neckline, sleeves, and bodice: 2 1/8 yd {I used FOE in Silver}
Trim for overskirt: 4 1/2 yds {I used Shimmer Satin Ribbon in Millennium Silver}
Braid: 1 skein yellow/tan yarn and plastic veil comb 

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