Potty Training Time {getting down and dirty}

i think i've tried everything. you know how you see those "potty train in one day" or "potty train in three days" claims on pinterest or other blogs? well, i think they have a different definition of what being potty trained is. see, to me, being potty trained is no more diapers {or pull-ups} at all. this means panties/undies during sleep too.

prove me wrong and tell me you know a kid under 3 years old who was potty trained {through the night} in one {or three} days. yeah.

i waited and waited for my daughter to show the signs:) and what do you know, she finally did! {a couple weeks shy of being 2 1/2} i'm so glad i waited because  it's definitely not as bad as i thought it would be.

here's our story. we aren't fully potty trained yet and we've been at it about 2 weeks. i'm cool with it though.

maybe it's cause i threw all my expectations out the window and knew to expect lots of laundry and cleaning up messes. surprisingly, she pee-peed on the carpet only once, and no poop on the floor anywhere. poop in the panties, however, is a daily occurrence:)

 it took us about two days for her to be able to recognize when she was peeing and come run to me yelling, "uh-oh, pee-pee! we've still had some accidents...mostly when she's playing and waits just a little too long to come find me. or, i didn't prompt her often enough. she's had the accidents while playing at a friend's house, so i'm sure that's the culprit. no pee-pee accidents at home. we've had a couple dry pull-ups after her nap, but i knew she really needed to be weaned off her bottle before we would have dry nights. maybe we're crazy, but we decided to go cold turkey off the bottle too. might as well, right? {a bottle is the only way she will drink milk. doesn't have to be heated up, but she won't touch a sippy...she only has one at night, but i mean, that's kinda ridiculous, so here we are.}

i'm hoping that poop in the potty will come soon though. i'm getting tired of cleaning her poopy panties! we have a potty chart that was very helpful with getting her through the pee-pee stuff, but we're losing momentum. i promised her a belle dress for when she fills the chart with going poopy in the potty, and although her face lights up with excitement every time she sees the chart or we talk about it, not one spot is filled {only five to go...} candy or other treats quickly were useless in bribery, and now even a belle dress isn't powerful enough. i don't know what else to do. help?

here's the potty chart:
can you tell we love the disney princesses right now?

 i look forward to your helpful tips about getting the poop in the potty!

Little Boy Bow Ties

these have been my go-to gift for baby boy showers. i think they are too cute and simply irresistible. i have been making these simple burp cloths for years, and i'm pretty sure i made like 20 for when my little eliza was born. i love how adding a simple pattern makes something so boring so fun! the bow ties are a new addition after seeing them all over pinterest {and i was ready for something to add to the burp cloths.} i kind of made my own little pattern as i went, but marissa at raegunramblings has a really easy to follow tutorial and i loved kiki creates version. i used some of my scrap fabric to whip em up. i also used a little felt to make them extra sturdy. i also made a velcro neck band because i thought it would better for when he's a toddler and learns how to rip it off. i think this would make it pretty hard to lose such a cute accessory. {Don't know how to sew? Take a FREE online class here!}

Interior Design Inspiration Board: Master Bedroom

when asked what autumn and her hubby wanted in their master, they each had a different idea. here's some shots of how it looks now:

they want to keep the bed and bedding, but everything else is up for a change. 
autumn loves the thought of a relaxing spa and hubby an upscale hotel retreat. the first way to immediately change the feel of a room is to paint! yay! a calming blue is a perfect way to cool the space down and make the room feel soothing. because her hubby loves the luxe feeling of a ritzy hotel we added luxurious textiles and mirrored furniture, which both speak glamorous and chic. those spots of light are builder-grade sconces that have to go! rather than traditional table lamps, we upgraded the sconces to match the feel of the rest of the space.

can't wait to start painting!

spring has sprung

Attention maids of honor, the time for bridal showers is fast approaching. 

So when should the shower take place and what do you need to get started? 

When: The shower can be thrown anytime from four to six months before to the week of the wedding. 

If the wedding expects a lot of out-of-town guests, the closer to the wedding the better so that they can attend. If not, the bride will probably appreciate having it two to four months before the wedding. This will not only heighten the anticipation but also give the bride one less thing to worry about in the weeks leading up to the big day. 

Generally speaking, it is best to wait until after the invitations have gone out to being inviting people to the shower. 

Traditionally bridal showers are held on Sunday afternoons but any time day or night works.

What: The first thing you need is some great bridal shower invitations. I suggest Wedding Paper Divas. 

One of the great things about using them is that you can coordinate the shower invitations with the bride, so that they match the wedding invites and the rest of their color scheme and designs. They also have also have totally chic save the dates and all of the good stuff the couple needs for the big day. 

I hope those tips help! 

photo shoot: lewis family

 since the weather here in utah has been sub-freezing, it's been really difficult to get outside to take some photos. my friend steff wanted just a quick shot of her fam so we did a super quick {i mean like 20 mins} outside their house. her kids are soooo adorable, but hate wearing coats! haha. thankfully the light was good and we got some really adorable shots.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Tutorial

i've been craving cookies lately. a lot of cookies. like i want to eat them at all times of the day!!! and then when i make some, i proceed to stuffmyfacewithatleastthreeinonesitting. i don't know what's going on. i'm supposed to be dieting. and noimnotpreggersunfortunatelyidonthavethatexcuse. it's like i tell myself it's ok cause i ran five miles today {sometimes i forget i'm not on instagram where reading hashtags are totally appropriate and funny} but i hope you'll forgive me. 

i'm in a major design funk. i want to just get my curtains problem resolved! i don't know why i have such commitment issues. i realized the extent of my issues when i was at my friend's house, whose is all cutesy and decorated, and i realized i only have one, one, picture hanging in our house. guys, my issues are substantial. it's somehow easy to find and tell someone else what to do in a space, but i balk at my own! does any one know what i'm talking bout? i think i'm in a funk and i need your help.

ok, so here's the dl {aka the "down low" or the "low down" or imabouttotellyouallmyproblems.} i have a big sliding door and two windows that i want matching curtains. they need to be at least 106" {i have crazy high ceilings ok and that doesn't even come to the ceiling} i need 4 panels at least 54" wide and then i thought i could do a roman shade or something on the second window. i have this super cute rug in my kitchen from UO:

that i want to match all my curtains to. if you saw in my last post on my table, you can see the curtain dilemma in full exposure 
see how they mismatch? well, i tried painting curtains, since it's so totally on trend right now, and i have to say i am sooo not on that bandwagon. i don't like how splotchy they look {probably cause so much light shines through}. i want the look of full curtains, but finding a fabric to match the color is proving to be very difficult. {esp without breaking the bank}. this is where you come in...um, help? what would you do?
i told you i'd be back with an adult version and after how much you guys liked the toddler version i can't wait for you to make them for yourself! or for your best friends. or a mommy and daughter matching set. awe.
Carissa Miss: Crochet a Toddler Infinity Scarf

now, on to something i know you've been waiting for...
Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Lion Brand Yarn in Tampa Spice.{2 skeins} super bulky weight 6. 
Crochet Hook N size 9mm

chain 40 and join in a round with a slip stitch {make sure to keep from twisting}
chain 2, double crochet into next chain. double crochet 38 more times. {40 double crochet total, including chain 2} slip stitch into chain 2. when you run out of your first skein, tie the second in. watch an example here}
repeat 11 times for 12 rows. {or add a row or two depending on how chunky you want it} 
knot and weave in ends. 
feel free to ask me for any clarifications! Take a online crochet class here
Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Carissa Miss: Crochet an Infinity Scarf

Don't have time to make your own? Request a custom scarf in my ETSY SHOP

UPDATE: I have had lots of questions on the gauge of this scarf. It should measure about 15"x15" and fit over your head once. For more crochet help, take an online class here!

Safe Haven Movie and lighting

Have you ever wanted to decorate your home with iconic pieces you see and love in the movies? Well, now you can! Head over to the One Kings Lane Safe Haven Event to check out this amazing sale before it ends on 2/16! And an extra bonus, proceeds go to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation, which is a nonprofit committed to inspiring and transforming students' lives through education, curriculum development, and life changing international experiences, so they are prepared to embrace a life of being active learners and engaged global citizens. How can you resist?

i'm currently obsessed with lighting. maybe cause i'm ready to switch out all of mine.

over a little reading nook, or in your entryway? yes!
master bedroom, please.
over the kitchen sink or bar
in your little one's nautical themed bedroom.
aren't these awesome? and these are just from this ONE event! here are some other lights i'm lusting over:
i don't even like red in my house, but this lamp is AWESOME.
need to find a place for this one too...
i can't get enough of those gourds. where would you use them?

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

happy valentine's day! 
i hope you and your lover have a fabulous lover's day! we don't usually do anything until the weekend, but we've got some fun plans {including shopping, eating, and relaxing}. today i have another fun announcement to share. i am so excited to be participating in my first dessert challenge. i love the food network show chopped, and this is kinda a bloggers dessert version. every month we will make something with the two ingredients and then post our recipes. you'll be able to see all the entries and get some great ideas.
Lady Behind the Curtain Dessert Challenge

february's challenge is chocolate and cherries...
{perfect for the month of love!}

i had so many ideas because honestly, this is one of my favorite combinations. however, i decided to make a chocolate cheesecake with cherries on top. i have not attempted to make a cheesecake before, but i really wanted to challenge myself {this being a challenge and all}. i don't know what you'll think, but i think this is preeeetttty scrumptious.

this type of cheesecake is simple because you can get away with a crinkly top since it's covered:)

here's the recipe:

4 blocks {8oz} cream cheese
1 cup sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 recipe oreo crust {all you'll need is double stuffed oreos or regular oreos with a little butter}
1 jar cherry pie filling

for the crust:
1)crush 1 package double stuffed oreos in your food processor.

2)add a little butter until the mixture holds it's shape.

3)make a crust in your springform pan by mashing the oreo mixture onto the bottom and sides of the pan.

4)bake at 350 for 10 mins.

1)mix the cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla until well combined.

2)melt the chocolate chips and temper the cream cheese mixture with the chocolate and combine. {temper means to add some of the cream cheese mixture to the chocolate in little amounts to cool the chocolate down so you don't cook the eggs with the hot chocolate chips when you mix them together}
3)pour into baked crust.

4)bake at 350 for 40-50 minutes until set. {don't worry if you see cracks}

1)open cherry pie filling and pour over cooled cheesecake.
2)serve and enjoy!

here's some of the other recipes from the dessert challenge!

happy valentines day

valentines day. yes, i have yet to post a holiday related post this year. i am soo not good at decorating for the holidays {i'm just trying to get stuff on the walls people!} buuuut, i could not NOT {yikes, double negative} post my annual valentines day card. i send them every year, even though i just sent out a christmas card. maybe cause i need more excuses to have little photo shoots with my two year old. it helps that she's so darn photogenic that i can whip out some amazing shots in just a couple minutes. all i did was put my camera in continuous shooting mode, tell her to blow me kisses, and bam! 52 pictures later we had more than enough to work with for our card.

stenciled sweetness

i love using tinyprints because their personalization is a piece of cake and they have so many adorable options to choose from. i don't know how i'll decide! it's the best that they will mail your cards for you too! all you do is import contacts from your email, or use their template to create a spreadsheet, upload it, and the work is done. great for those of us who still haven't mailed them yet...the love day is only 3 days away you know. if you hurry and send these by tomorrow, save 20% off all Valentine's day cards and Valentine's day party invitations using the code 20FEBVAL at checkout. {offer expires 2/12/13 at 11:59 pm (PT).

i totally want to see what you come up with!

February Sponsors Valentine's Edition

i'm getting to love this time of month where i share what my friends are doing in etsy:) i love partnering with small businesses. interested in seeing yourself featured here? check out my advertise page or contact me.

here's what's happening this month:

my good friend Ali is offering this adorable danish heart crochet pattern on her blog...for FREE!! just in time for valentines.

how perfect would this clutch be to go with your LBD for valentines?

Audra blogs at The Kurtz Corner and also has an etsy shop where she sells cupcake toppers. perfect for a baby shower or birthday party!

Heidi of digknity sent me some of her custom paper dolls that she sells in her etsy shop and i can't wait for you to try your own. i laminated mine and added velcro so my two year old can enjoy them longer:)

i'm sure you've noticed that my ad space has grown larger as i've added some awesome affiliates. you can get special discounts offered to Carissa Miss readers. find the deals below:

Shop NectarClothing.com for the latest fashion at a great price
buy now to get a free gift with purchase!

we bought our bridesmaids dresses for my sister-in-law's wedding from here for only $20.99! they were a steal and VERY good quality.

Daily Quilting Deals at Craftsy.com
a great beginning crochet class for only $14.99. you will learn the basics of crochet: picking the right yarn and hooks for your projects, basic stitches (including single, double and half-double crochet), and how to put them all together. 

Jossandmain.com home furnishing
if you haven't signed up for this exclusive online home decor site, then you need to, right now! so many cute and unique items. right now, get free shipping.

i am in some serious need of toy storage. i looove the land of nod's options and i can't wait to get the storagepalooza.


When you order 75 or more Letterpress or Thermography Collection items, enjoy 25 additional cards for free using the code 25FREEWA at checkout. Offer expires 2/12/2013 at 11:59 pm (PT).

Dresses from Shabby Apple

i know i don't need to tell you how awesome their dresses are. one of their cocktail dresses would be a perfect valentine's date dress!

thanks for joining us:) happy valentine's everybody
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