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Hey everyone! Name's Lauren, I run "The How to Blog" (link here) which is a blog about personal style, a few delicious recipes, some beauty tips, and lots of ridiculous newlywed stories because the hubs and I have a blast together. 

And this is us:

My hubster Josh and I 
Like I said, we have a blast together. 

My posts usually have an outfit and I'll say where I got everything, then I have a section where I post quirky stories that happened and awesome moments. And of course, there is a post theme song which I listen to on repeat while I write the post.

Ho Hey by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

Where I got it:
Shirt-Old Navy
Skirt and shoes- Forever 21
Belt and tights-Target


I'm a germ freak. I don't share silverware with people, not even my husband. When we started dating he could NOT believe that I was so grossed out by germs. Every single day, without fail, he would ask "Is today the day that you'll share a spoon with me?!" Then one day I finally said, "Yes, today is your magical day." I shared my spoon with him. And didn't do it again.

Random tangent, I know. But this story has to deal with my extreme OCD towards germs, especially mouth germs. 

In the bathroom we have a toothbrush holder with 3 holes because Josh has 2 toothbrushes. Don't ask me why, it boggles my mind too. Anyway, my toothbrush is always in the middle. Makes sense, right?

Well, the other night I was very sleepy. And slightly grumpy, but that's besides the point. I mean, come on, who doesn't get a wittle (yep, that spelling error was on purpose, in case you were wondering) bit grumpy when they're sleepy? 

So I reached for the toothbrush in the middle, I lathered it up with toothpaste, and started brushing. I looked around the bathroom,brush brush brush, looked at the clock, brush brush brush, looked at the toothbrush holder, brush brush-stopped.... Noticed my toothbrush was on the far right, and was most definitely NOT being used. 

Oh my heavens, the gagging came full force. I started heaving into the sink, and may or may not have threw up a little on Josh's toothbrush, and may or may not have (yeah, definitely did not) tell him that happened...Holy cow, sickest experience. I then rinsed with the kind of mouthwash that burns and makes your eyes water for like 5 minutes, put our toothbrushes in the CORRECT places, and brushed my teeth again. 

-Reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with my Mom, and discussing the deeper meanings of the novel, and trying to figure out what it all means. 

-Having a never ending supply of Dr. Pepper at Josh's grandfather's house, seriously the best.

-Waking up from a bad dream in the middle of the night, and having my best friend cuddle me until I fall back asleep. 

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So that's about it! I hope you all enjoyed my post, and thank you SO much Carissa for sharing your blog with me. 


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