Retro Clock

i'm here again with another post from my diy handmade holiday:) this time, i'm attempting to re-create an expensive clock. kind of like you know the starburst mirrors that are so gorgeous, this could go really right, or really wrong.

This is my inspiration:
wouldn't you know, it's sold by kikkerland and retails for about $15. not too pricy for a fabulous retro clock, but i can do better. i found a similar looking clock at savers for only $3.99. here she is:

i really don't have to go too far to get me to the inspiration photo. in fact, i could have just left it as is because kikkerland actually sellls a mint color!
but the great sis in law that i am, i wanted to perfect it. go big or go home i say.

 step 1 on your way to fabulousness: dissemble the clock. there were a couple screws on the back that held the face plate and glass in and after i found the smallest phillips head screwdriver i own, that the rest was easy.
 step 2. prime with thin coats.
i used olympic pure white in flat because i bought it to use on my kitchen table and i love it cause it's practically odorless since it is very low VOC.

step 3 paint over your primer with metallic silver. it took me about 3 coats to get it as shiny as i wanted.
step 3 re-assemble and smile because it looks so nice. although it's not as shiny as i was hoping, or expecting, i still think it looks a lot more retro-clean than the "before".

okay, how am i doing on my handmade gifts check list:
paint a thrifted clock
build yourself an a-frame tent
whip up some dollar store hot pads

2012 Christmas Card

hello all. i'm so happy to be sending you our little e-holiday card. i'm amazed how many of you still send out printed cards! is it habit or obsession or what? i don't keep cards people send me, so i don't send them to people where they will look at it, read it, and throw it away. too much money to spend at christmas time on things i hope people don't throw away. maybe it's the realist in me. i'm not super sentimental...take our move for example. i encouraged my hubs to reduce his three full bins of memorabilia from his childhood to one. #meanwife #imhisnewtrophynow. {there really was a bin of just trophies...}
so, if you want to send me a printed one, great:) i'll smile extra wide when i receive it. or you can email me. i'll even respond. *gasp* that's the wonderful thing about technology. instant gratification communication. 

you want to hear about news with us? well, if you're reading this here, chances are you know more than most peeps. but for the family members who don't follow our blog and don't know how to follow rss and still have trouble checking their email and retrieving's 12 fun facts from 2012. {in random order.}
12. we bought a house. biggest news from this year for sure.
11. disney cruise to the mexican riviera with the rasmussen clan {16 peeps--holla!}
10. i grew another year older and tyler did too. {26, 29 respectively}
9. eliza turned two.
8. we became garage sale fanatics. {purchased our media center, a couple bookshelves, an ottoman, numerous toys, and cedar hope chest turned entry way bench. keep tuned to hear more}
7. built our kitchen table together. {more finishing deets to come}
6. visited st. george and san fran as a fam with tyler for work
5. survived a frequently traveling hubs. {he's scaled back tremendously on that thank goodness. pros: great marriott rewards, rental car premier status, and platinum amex. cons: no hubby at home, eating out too much. eating alone too much. everything else.}
4. finally got a diagnosis on my chronic migraines. {i feel like a new person. in short: i'm on a strong dose, daily prescription, that has few side effects but makes the headaches nearly disappear}
3. ran the red rock relay in moab together, minus the tiny. had so much fun we are doing it again next year. {team ey. taking new team name submissions...}
2. i ran the timp half marathon in record slow time. even though it was not my pr, it was the best course i've run! doing it again in '13.
1. practice makes perfect. we are having another baby!

did i get you? haha. just kidding. i am not pregnant. okay, for real

1. we went camping as a family for the first time. {new tradition! sooo much fun. i come from a camping fam, but tyler does not. we drove up cottonwood canyon, pulled into a beautiful campground in albion basin, blew up our aerobed and set up our tent. made s'mores, talked under the stars, and checked out as soon as eliza woke up. sleeping on the aerobed was a good idea, except it had a hole so as it gradually lost air eliza ended up on top of the two of us. she loved it and slept great. we needed the whole saturday to recover. we vowed to try again next year, minus the aero bed, but maybe with a nice memory foam pad.}

here's some more pics we got from the photographer during our mega family photo sesh. Yet again, the photographer managed to capture my little girl at her very best. I don't think she can take a bad picture!

 okay, maybe we don't look too bad either?

Family Photo Shoot: Angus Family

today is a good day. it's my hubby's 29th bday. he is such a fabulous friend and partner. we have been through a lot this year with him traveling, me being sick, and a 2 year old. it's amazing how much we continue to learn from each other. just when i think i have him figured out, he does something to surprise me. to celebrate we left eliza with a babysitter for the weekend. the real fun is today we are going to a shooting range. i really wanted to get him a gun as a surprise, but i couldn't NOT tell him. i'm actually pretty bad at keeping surprises because i just get so excited to tell. i found if i do the shopping early i have to wrap it right up and then the temptation to show is lessened because it's wrapped up. my sis and i share the same problem. however, she'll peek in a present for her but i liked to be surprised. 
this sis was here for thanksgiving and asked that I shoot a quick, up-close shot of her family for their christmas card. can you believe her daughter's eyes? cutest redhead ever! 

we also shot a lot of pics, trying to get one with the two girls. trying being key!

which one is your fave? {picture, not girl...}

DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

****update: Stacy G. won the giveaway and has been emailed. congrats!***

you remember how i went on and on about this awesome activity advent we got? well, it's been a lot harder to do something each day than i thought! so far we've:
  • read the legend of the candy cane. made candy cane ornaments.

  • wrote our missionaries christmas cards, well, i drew a couple pics and eliza scribbled over them.
  • wore our christmas socks and tried to take a pic of the three of us...eliza wouldn't have it.

  • baked and decorated cookies. total side note: i bought the betty crocker sugar cookie pouch cause i had a coupon and let me tell you--there is a reason these cookies taste better made from scratch! they stuck to the pan and flattened out so the shapes were hardly recognizable. plus, they didn't even taste that great! i hate that they take so long to make so i tried to take a short cut. obviously this was one of those times the road less traveled makes all the difference...

  • delivered said cookies to our neighbors. oh ya, another thing about those cookies--it didn't make nearly enough!
  • decorated a gingerbread house. i learned a fab trick this year to use a glue gun to put the house together. i mean, who eats these anyway? too bad it was still a sad house:(

  • went to the grand america downtown, ate cookies, saw the cute window displays, ate some more cookies, ran around and played, ate a couple more cookies. they were f.r.e.e. i love cookies.

  • watched the classic rudolph the red nose reindeer. and ate popcorn.
  • decorated our christmas tree together-eliza got her own little tree and ornaments to decorate, but she still likes the big one better.
  • went to see santa

  • made snowflakes. well, i did at least.

if you follow me on instagram then you'll have seen my updates. you will get to see all these cute photos and more:) don't you worry, there are plenty more activities to come. that means more pictures! yay.

now to business. i've been furiously working down my handmade holidays gift list. here's another idea i've seen on pinterest {like these ones or these ones} and i had to do my own. it's pretty much self explanatory because it's hello painted spoons. like you need to know how to make them... they are a perfect gift because #1 they are easy, #2 they are inexpensive, and #3 who doesn't need more cooking spoons?

to break it down...
1) buy some wooden spoons. i found these at the dollar store.
2) pick out your paint. i chose martha stewart's acrylic paint in pea shoot and a generic acrylic paint in coral.
3) tape off your spoons with painter's tape where you want the paint to go

4) paint 4-5 very thin coats with a foam brush letting dry between coats.
5) after the last coat, rip that tape off so there's not a big line {a well-known, tried-and-true painter's tip}

6) apply a food safe shellac or if you're like me and you never have that stuff around, use regular spray paint clear coat:) so you have to hand-wash these:)

7) wrap them all pretty and give them to your mom, sisters, and friends!

another project off the handmade gift list and one more on yours:) still to come:
paint a thrifted clock
build yourself an a-frame tent
whip up some dollar store hot pads

For Your Mistletoes Printable

something i looked forward to when we lived in our apt was having neighbors with kids the same ages as mine, and also other moms who stayed at home during the day. with my hubby traveling often, i need a female support network.
i've lived in my house about six weeks now and already i've had invitations to join book clubs, girls night outs, and even a christmas party. i've never been surrounded by so many awesome, cool, young, hip, welcoming women! it's the hook up i've always dreamed of.
for a party, we did a gift raffle that was under $10. i immediately thought of the cute little printable i've seen on pinterest for the nail polish with tag "for your mistle toes". weirdly enough, none of the pins turned out an actual printable that looked as cute, so i made my own. you are welcome to use this for all the girls in your life that need a little something.
Scroll for download 

i know you've seen this and thought what a wonderful and cute idea:) that's what i thought.
here's a free printable for you:)
To receive this free printable – enter your email address in the box below and click submit. Make sure to check your inbox for an email from Carissa Miss. You will have access to all of our FREE printables and also will receive my newsletter!

{quick note: so I can continue to offer free printables, please use these and all other Carissa Miss printables for personal use only!}

Pad Thai

i'm so lucky to be co-hosting my very first link party today! Carrie at myfavefinds is featuring my recipe over on her MUST TRY MONDAY link party! want to join? read on!
as you know, i'm a huge thai food fanatic! i was in the asian section at the grocery store and i saw this pad thai noodle kit for only like $3 and i thought it might be good. i laughed when i turned the box over and saw that the only thing in the box was rice noodles and pad thai sauce. you have to provide all the rest of the ingredients. whatever. i bought it and tried it out. it was really good. i would pay $3 for really yummy pad thai sauce.
i need to find me a good go-to recipe so i can make up a big batch. the best thing about a meal like this is that it is sooo fast. you boil water and fry up some veggies and you're done. that is the nice thing about semi-homemade meals:) although, if i had all the ingredients to make the sauce, i'm sure it would have been just as quick!

Thai Kitchen Pad Thai Noodle Kit 
1 egg
1/2 lb shrimp deveined and peeled
1 can bean sprouts
dash of lime

1) Cook rice noodles according to directions on box. {bring 4 cups water to boil. Add noodles and remove from heat. Let stand about 6 mins. Drain and rinse with cold water.}
2) Heat about 1 Tbs oil in a medium skillet. Add egg and cook until scrambled. Set aside.
3) Heat about 2 Tbs oil and add shrimp. Cook until a very light golden brown on the sides. 
4) Add rice noodles to the shrimp and combine with the Pad Thai sauce. Stir fry until warmed and noodles have absorbed the sauce. 
5) Add bean sprouts, egg, and a dash of lime.

EAT WITH CHOPSTICKS ONLY. haha ok, just kidding.
Thai kitchen has some other noodle dishes i found but haven't yet tried.

My Favorite FindsWelcome to Must Try Mondays! To share your recipes, please do the following: 1. Include a Must Try Monday OR a text link back to My Favorite Finds. 2. Please link directly to the recipe you are sharing. 3. Please know that I appreciate you sharing every week {and you might be featured!} 4. Consider following My Favorite Finds via RSS Feed, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin'/

Hair Bow Tutorial

Have you noticed the small changes taking place over here? Your feed should now direct you to instead of; I'm slowly transforming the blog from the freebie backgrounds and headers to my own custom designs! In honor of the transformation I'm hosting my very first giveaway! Just in time to add a little something to a stocking or a little gift small enough to send in the mail to a cousin or niece. Here's my little one modeling a couple...

ADORABLE HAIR BOWS! She is seriously so photogenic. 
Didn't they turn out so fun? Ready to make your own?? {Don't know how to sew? Take a FREE class here!}

1. Start with an 1/8 yard scrap of fabric. I found my fabric at Hobby Lobby and from Etsy.

2. Measure how long you want your bows to be and add an inch to compensate for the knot. I wanted big enough bows I could borrow them from time to time. These are about 5" long.
3. Cut your piece of fabric to match your desired length plus 1". You should have a piece 1/8th yard wide by 6" long.

4. Fold and iron. Sew from one short edge to the middle, and from the middle to the other short edge, leaving about 1" opening. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure to sew with the two right sides together.

5. Open your tube through the 1" opening and iron seams. You can hand sew the 1" opening before you tie the knot but I figured since it wasn't exposed it would be ok. One less step, right?
6. Tie your tube into a knot, working your knot around until you like it.

7. Sew a hair clip to the bottom and voila! 

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own pair of fabric hair bows!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm co-hosting today a link party with Carrie at My Fave Finds! I'm not sharing the recipe on my blog until Recipe Review day, but go get a sneak peek at Must Try Monday!
My Favorite FindsWelcome to Must Try Mondays! To share your recipes, please do the following: 1. Include a Must Try Monday OR a text link back to My Favorite Finds. 2. Please link directly to the recipe you are sharing. 3. Please know that I appreciate you sharing every week {and you might be featured!} 4. Consider following My Favorite Finds via RSS Feed, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin'/
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