For Your Mistletoes Printable

something i looked forward to when we lived in our apt was having neighbors with kids the same ages as mine, and also other moms who stayed at home during the day. with my hubby traveling often, i need a female support network.
i've lived in my house about six weeks now and already i've had invitations to join book clubs, girls night outs, and even a christmas party. i've never been surrounded by so many awesome, cool, young, hip, welcoming women! it's the hook up i've always dreamed of.
for a party, we did a gift raffle that was under $10. i immediately thought of the cute little printable i've seen on pinterest for the nail polish with tag "for your mistle toes". weirdly enough, none of the pins turned out an actual printable that looked as cute, so i made my own. you are welcome to use this for all the girls in your life that need a little something.

i know you've seen this and thought what a wonderful and cute idea:) that's what i thought.
here's a free printable for you:)

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