2012 Christmas Card

hello all. i’m so happy to be sending you our little e-holiday card. i’m amazed how many of you still send out printed cards! is it habit or obsession or what? i don’t keep cards people send me, so i don’t send them to people where they will look at it, read it, and throw it away. too much money to spend at christmas time on things i hope people don’t throw away. maybe it’s the realist in me. i’m not super sentimental…take our move for example. i encouraged my hubs to reduce his three full bins of memorabilia from his childhood to one. #meanwife #imhisnewtrophynow. {there really was a bin of just trophies…}
so, if you want to send me a printed one, great:) i’ll smile extra wide when i receive it. or you can email me. i’ll even respond. *gasp* that’s the wonderful thing about technology. instant gratification communication. 

you want to hear about news with us? well, if you’re reading this here, chances are you know more than most peeps. but for the family members who don’t follow our blog and don’t know how to follow rss and still have trouble checking their email and retrieving attachments…here’s 12 fun facts from 2012. {in random order.}
12. we bought a house. biggest news from this year for sure.
11. disney cruise to the mexican riviera with the rasmussen clan {16 peeps–holla!}
10. i grew another year older and tyler did too. {26, 29 respectively}
9. eliza turned two.
8. we became garage sale fanatics. {purchased our media center, a couple bookshelves, an ottoman, numerous toys, and cedar hope chest turned entry way bench. keep tuned to hear more}
7. built our kitchen table together. {more finishing deets to come}
6. visited st. george and san fran as a fam with tyler for work
5. survived a frequently traveling hubs. {he’s scaled back tremendously on that thank goodness. pros: great marriott rewards, rental car premier status, and platinum amex. cons: no hubby at home, eating out too much. eating alone too much. everything else.}
4. finally got a diagnosis on my chronic migraines. {i feel like a new person. in short: i’m on a strong dose, daily prescription, that has few side effects but makes the headaches nearly disappear}
3. ran the red rock relay in moab together, minus the tiny. had so much fun we are doing it again next year. {team ey. taking new team name submissions…}
2. i ran the timp half marathon in record slow time. even though it was not my pr, it was the best course i’ve run! doing it again in ’13.
1. practice makes perfect. we are having another baby!

did i get you? haha. just kidding. i am not pregnant. okay, for real

1. we went camping as a family for the first time. {new tradition! sooo much fun. i come from a camping fam, but tyler does not. we drove up cottonwood canyon, pulled into a beautiful campground in albion basin, blew up our aerobed and set up our tent. made s’mores, talked under the stars, and checked out as soon as eliza woke up. sleeping on the aerobed was a good idea, except it had a hole so as it gradually lost air eliza ended up on top of the two of us. she loved it and slept great. we needed the whole saturday to recover. we vowed to try again next year, minus the aero bed, but maybe with a nice memory foam pad.}

here’s some more pics we got from the photographer during our mega family photo sesh. Yet again, the photographer managed to capture my little girl at her very best. I don’t think she can take a bad picture!

 okay, maybe we don’t look too bad either?

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